Based on the Microsoft Power Platform, Migration Playbook is typically installed as a managed solution in your Office 365 / Power Apps tenant.  When installed in your Office 365 / Power Apps environment, the data is stored within your Microsoft tenant and is fully integrated into your Microsoft services.  Migration Playbook can also be provided as a SaaS solution supported by Murdock Martin Consulting. 

Credentials and Authentication

Integration with your Office 365 environment is seamless.  Active Directory provides the capabilities for employees and "Guest" users from partner organizations to be authenticated.  Users sign in using their existing Office 365 credentials.  

The PowerApps security model provides role based access to information needed for users to perform their tasks. Roles define create, read, update, and delete permissions for information within the system.  Depending on the roles assigned, users see only the records that are assigned to them, to teams where they are a member, or even across multiple organizations.  Field level security can be implemented to insure full control over data updates. 

The solution can be deployed into multiple Power Apps environments or can leverage business units in a single Power App environment.  Parallel analysis and migration initiatives can be supported.  


Read more about the Power Apps security model.   

Data Handling and Storage

Data is stored within the Common Data Service and hosted within Microsoft data centers.  The Common Data Service is a cloud scale database used to securely store data for business applications built on Power Apps. Common Data Service is an abstraction on top of underlying Azure cloud data management services. Common Data Service provides not just data storage, but a way to implement business logic that enforces business rules and automation against the data. Data in Common Data Service is organized as entities, for example account and contact are two examples of entities. 

Read more about compliance and data privacy. 

Data Integration

Native integration to Teams, Exchange, and Power BI are enabled in Migration Playbook.  Microsoft Automate provides pre-built connectors to further integrate and automate analysis and migration efforts.  Typical connectors used within a complex cloud migration project include: EMail, Approvals, Forms Pro, Azure Resource Manager, and ServiceNow.   

Read more about connectors currently available and the capabilities to create custom integration connectors. 


Getting Started